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Ceranetworks offers a comprehensive range of colocation services across Europe, the U.S. and Asia. From rack units to half or full racks, right through to your private cage – all with flexible power and bandwidth options. Here's a summary of our colocation solutions.

Hybrid Options

One size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to colocation options. That's why, unlike many other colocation providers, we give you the opportunity to combine traditional colocation with dedicated servers and cloud computing environments to create a tailored solution.

Unparalleled security

Our multi-layered security policies include 24/7 video surveillance and alarm monitoring, ingress/egress keycard access, cabinets equipped with tumbler locks, perimeter electric fencing, and more. For security, we're the colocation provider of choice.

24/7 on-site qualified engineers

As part of our colocation service, certified and highly qualified engineers are available 24/7 to perform diverse tasks at your request, including equipment server reboots, circuit testing, cable and card replacements, and regular exchange of backup tapes or other removable media.

N+1 redundant architecture

Active system resiliency ensures high availability. These facilities provide dual-powered IT equipment with multiple independent distribution paths, and are equipped with full UPS power, backup and HVAC systems. They also conform to numerous industry standards such as, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and SSAE16.

State-of-the-art network

Enjoy unsurpassed global connectivity while reducing latencies. Ceranetworks Colocation connects to one of the world’s largest networks, which encompasses 25 IXs and 36 PoPs worldwide, and provides an uptime of 99.999% and 5.5 Tbps bandwidth.

Floating IPs

To enable our customers to assign hosting services to IP addresses in a flexible way and build high availability setups, we have deployed Floating IPs.

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Point-to-point connectivity services Create a private network even if your racks are located in different data centers with our protected point-to-point connectivity services that offer reliable, secure and cost effective low latency connections. Using our MPLS-based global network, Long-haul Ethernet provides 1Gbp connection between two private racks across select global data centers, while Metro Ethernet provides connectivity in the Amsterdam metro area. Using the DWDM-based network, Metro Waves is also available in the Amsterdam area and offers 10Gbps of capacity.
Innovative technology reduces energy consumption Reap the rewards of energy-efficient cooling technology. True cold aisle corridors maintain cooler temperatures on the intake side of your equipment. While free cooling using outside filtered air eliminates the use of mechanical refrigeration. These industry-leading, temperature controlled environments also come with redundant HVAC designs and raised flooring.
Vanguard fire systems prevent equipment damage We protect your valuable hardware and equipment with the gold standard in structural facilities. We deploy best-practice fire detection and suppression systems including VESDA, as well as fire resistant walls. If a fire is detected, argon gas is triggered automatically to extinguish it and minimize equipment damage..
Infrastructure tailored to your needs One size never fits all when it comes to IT infrastructure. We’ll help you build a hybrid solution that combines the best characteristics of multiple infrastructure solutions. The Ceranetworks platform enables you to connect to public cloud, private cloud, and bare metal, to create the perfect fit for your business.
Out-of-Band Management (OoB) With Out-of-Band Management (OoB) you never have to worry about having access to your infrastructure. Out-of-Band Management provides an alternative way to log into your devices that is independent from the network through which your data travels. This means that even if your primary network is unavailable, you will still have full control over your equipment.

Our Products

Rack Units

Cost-effective server colocation for small server numbers. Connect your own equipment to our worldwide network in the same way as a dedicated rack.

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Private Racks

Dedicated rack for larger server numbers or specific needs. Get your own customizable, private space in one of our data centers, and modify it as and when you need.

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Private Cages

Cages are completely tailored to fit your individual space, data, and power needs. This is the preferred colocation method of customers with large amounts of equipment.

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Featured Colocation Customers

Businesses who demand reliability rely on Ceranetworks.


"Going from 30 to 200 servers, from 200 clients to 2000: I can’t imagine how we could’ve done it without Ceranetworks’s help."


"We needed scalable infrastructure so we partnered with Ceranetworks to build a hybrid cloud solution which includes a dedicated private cloud."


"I think Ceranetworks is one of the only providers we know that is so open-minded to our ideas and even if we come up with something that looks really impossible, we always find a solution and just go for it.”


"Ceranetworks understands enterprise requirements and listens to our needs. As a company, they always provides premium services which are perfectly suited to meet our often demanding requirements."

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