Product Highlights

High quality network

Our Hong Kong Datacenter has a network bandwidth of more than 600 Gbps, which not only provides customers with high quality connectivity but also provides DDOS Protection to customers.

Rapid server deployment

In most cases, we will deploy the server in 60 minutes. The only exception is if we don't have an inventory server or a custom order, it might take extra time to configure.

24/7/365 customer support

CeraNetworks is committed to ensuring that your service is always at its best, our support team is on hand to answer your questions and troubleshoot when you have a problem.

Efficient intelligent

You can remotely power on, shut down, reboot, and reinstall your operating system through our intelligent management system, so you can control them freely without contacting support.

Hong Kong China Direct route Server

All devices in Hong Kong's dedicated server are owned by CeraNetworks, providing up to 30Mbps direct connection to China's bandwidth by default.

CPU RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth IP DDOS Price Buy
E3-1230 V6 (4C/8T) 16GB 1TB SSD 30Mbps 5 5G DDOS Protection $189/Month Buy Now
Dual E5-2630L (12C/24T) 32GB 1TB SSD 30 Mbps 5 5G DDOS Protection $219/Month Buy Now
Dual E5-2660 (16C/32T) 64GB 1TB SSD 30Mbps 5 5G DDOS Protection $299/Month Buy Now
Dual E5-2660 V2 (20C/40T) 256GB 1TB SSD*6 100Mbps 5 5G DDOS Protection $999/Month Buy Now
Customize Configuration Customize Customize Customize Customize Customize Customize Buy Now

Service support

Contact customer service for: custom bandwidth, hardware, server config and promotions.
Instock servers can be depolyed rapidly, fast provisioning and delivering
Automatically unblock IP within 30 minutes after the DDoS attack ended
Member center supports intelligent power control, one-click OS reloading and show traffic monitoring graph.
Unlimited number of restarts, power On/Off, network On/Off and reinstall operating system for servers
Free hardware and network issue troubleshoot, remote failures repairs.

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