Our Vision

Looking into the future, CeraNetworks team is always working to develop new ways to improve the customer's web hosting, colocation and network experience while reducing costs.

For the web infrastructure to work, sometimes you need functionality that only a dedicated server environment can provide. Our dedicated hosting services give customers complete control over their servers, ensuring a smooth experience with optimal performance.

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Our Value

Based on big data algorithms, CeraNetworks specializes in providing cross-border e-commerce technology and operational solutions to provide closed-loop e-commerce services for traditional businesses and e-commerce practitioners to develop cross-border business.

Excellent customer value

Dedicated servers are a viable approach when your infrastructure requires resources to make other hosting options no longer a viable and economical choice. However, if the budget is tight, sometimes the dedicated may seem too expensive.

CeraNetworks believes that dedicated servers should be affordable, allowing our customers to invest more in business growth than operating costs, leaving this task to a dedicated server hosting provider.

Customer service

When upgrading to a new type of hosting, migrating the infrastructure can be a daunting task for regular system administrators. Our team of highly trained IT experts are on hand to help with your web hosting data migration, ensuring your service stays online and up to 100% uptime.

Because we believe that professional and fast support services are at the heart of any web hosting service, our Customer Service Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We pay great attention to customer privacy protection. We provide virtual private network for our customers, and all data is encrypted

All of CeraNetworks' user data-based storage and management is extremely strict with federal law, and no organization or individual has the right to access our user data.

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Payment method

CeraNetworks supports mainstream payment methods, from online payments to offline transfers.

Access our network in the US as low as $0.33/Mbps