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01/09/2021: LAX added 100G PNI with ChungHwa Telecom (CHT.com.tw).

12/26/2020: One 100G LAX-SJC wave is live, we are pushing traffic to SJC POP now.

SJC POP is now online with 2x100G GTT connectivity!
4x100G China Unicom and 4x100G China Telecom will be installed in 2 months.
4x100G wavelength connecting to Los Angeles POP will be install within 1 month.
1x100G wavelength connecting to Portland POP will be installed in 2 months.

AMD Ryzen servers now available in LA and Portland!
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X/32G RAM/1T NVME SSD/100M $309/m
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X/32G RAM/1T NVME SSD/100M $359/m
Other configurations are available as well for special order (1-5 day lead time)

12/08/2020: added 2x100G 163 bandwidth (LA), total upstream capacity is now 5.9 Tbps.

to be updated.